SIGGRAPH 2002 – Day 7

Picture Page 7

Well, these are the last of the pictures. Not too many more, I spent a lot of time in classes.

I found the sign funny everytime I saw it. I know it is supposed to be East Commerce but E-commerce is just funny.

3059.JPG (11167 bytes)

These guys were playing Andes Fusion down on the riverwalk. I bought a CD and some pan-pipes. They were very good.
3060.JPG (29499 bytes)
3061.JPG (25747 bytes)

Never found out the full details. Personal Digital Annoyance. The briefcase talked and they were dressed as dogs.
3063.JPG (24553 bytes)
3064.JPG (25689 bytes)

Saying goodbye to Doug.
3065.JPG (19949 bytes)

Nice architecture underneath the convention center by the riverwalk.
3066.JPG (20321 bytes)

This group ‘repurposes’ technology. This is a rolodex turned into an animation display.
3068.JPG (13781 bytes)

They also had a palm application that has the coyote say things from your messages.
3069.JPG (12614 bytes)

I found this very nice. Outside the Alamo.
3070.JPG (32350 bytes)

I love mirrors and the wide field of view and distortions you can get out of them.
3071.JPG (20764 bytes)

I finally got to ride a trolley. It was fun.
3072.JPG (18590 bytes)

That’s it. Next year in San Diego. This was a blast!






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