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This website is being resurrected for SIGGRAPH 2023 – the 50th SIGGRAPH (and my 10th)

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A little explanation on my absence…

2006 – Boston
So, I really wanted to go this year and present so I submitted a few abstracts. Funnily enough I got accepted twice in the educator’s program once about my work with the Museum (who is sponsoring this trip) and once about my work at the Library.

Also since I am a newlywed this will served as my unofficial Honeymoon.

2005 – Los Angeles
I’m back and I’m presenting!! Me and George Lucas on the same bill (it’s a very long bill).

2004 – Los Angeles
Well – shock and horror I missed it! Hey a year off never hurt anyone 🙂 I will be back for 2005.

2003 – San Diego
Here we go again. This time I am not just an observer but a participant. Look for me in the Art Gallery and giving a pedagogical sketch in the Educator’s program.

2002 – San Antonio
I looked forward to Texas in July – OY – hot and humid. I made a 2 day pit-stop in San Francisco along the way, so some shots of that too. The conference was a bit smaller (because the industry is weak) but it was very well organized and an overall good time.

I brought my 3D and 35mm film cameras with me (as well as my film and digital panorama kits). Those pics don’t get posted. But I did bring my HP digital camera card for my PocketPC for more ‘quickies’.

2001 – Los Angeles
This was my third trip to Los Angeles. I brought with me my techie girlfriend (now ex). It includes a side trip to Disney Land.
I took less pictures in 2002 because I also used my 3D and my 35mm film cameras and they don’t get posted. I am also a little more discriminating about what I think is exciting every year.
Some of my pictures were published in Keyframe Magazine along with my SIGGRAPH 2002 report and those didn’t get posted here either.

2000 – New Orleans
I was invited to speak at a conference in Japan at the same time as SIGGRAPH 2000. Guess which conference I went to.

1999 – Los Angeles
My 2nd trip to Los Angeles. Very fun and very entertaining. The side trip to Foundation Imaging was very exciting. I wasn’t allowed to post all of those pictures, though some of them ended up in Keyframe Magazine as part of a pictorial essay.

1998 – Orlando
A great SIGGRAPH and a quick trip to Epcot Center.

1997 – Los Angeles
My first trip to Los Angeles and a real eye opener in terms of technology and the industry. These pictures were taken with one of my first digital cameras to show my boss some of the amazing sights that I got to see at SIGGRAPH. They were not posted in 1997 and because of this have no annotations. They are posted now to show the contrast of how the technology changes over time.

1996 – New Orleans
My first SIGGRAPH. I had no idea what kind of adventure it was going to be and didn’t even think to bring a camera. But this trip inspired the next and so on and so on.