SIGGRAPH 2002 – Day 5

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Back at the show. I saw these doors and just imagined that there was an office for 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006…. It was a funny thought.
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I missed this yesterday, a HP computer pushing 24 FPS of uncompressed TIFFs at 2k resolution. 10 minutes of test footage. A nice tool for the pro animator.
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It wasn’t fair of me to pick on Roland, but of all the signs that got put up next to bathrooms, I like: “Get it right on a Roland women” best.
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SGI had a nice Win2k wearable, see through display 800x600x32 redscale.
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I visited the Art Gallery. Some nice works. This one had clothes on a line, and hay on the ground. The look, sounds and SMELL of being outdoors with multimedia projected throughout.
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A very nice digital panorama, I so want to see it as a sphere.
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Metal casting of a CAD design, I was impressed by the craft and I liked the form.
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A drawing machine. What is nice is that the machine itself is very sleek and artistic.
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Some anaglyph (red/blue) art. Very nice though the blues were a little off and it ghosted for me. The composition was very nice as well as the background and artist statement.
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Touch screen panel, interactive art. I have mixed feelings about this, but it was well presented and I enjoyed playing with it so…
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A neat way of looking at literary works. The words in the middle are repeated and the words on the outside unique. There is a connection or thread that guides you through the work. This was a printout at high resolution he had on the wall but he had low resolution (well screen resolution) interactive works as well. A new way of looking at things is always good.
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Collecting samples of hair (DNA) and fingerprints and then putting them on the wall to be retrieved with e Bar Code scanner. It was different. I didn’t volunteer.
It turns out I know the guy who did this exhibit. He teaches at the Cleveland Insititue of Art and is in our local SIGGRAPH chapter.
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At the Discreet booth (and many others) they swiped your card and had you fill out a questionnaire on these Palm Pilots with interface boxes on them. PDA technology in use.
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I was dragging Richard Edwards around the floor showing him how to get free stuff and took him to the booth to get scanned. There we met Christopher ‘Isaac’ Larnder from the Montreal chapter of SIGGRAPH who wanted to do something different for his head scan so he held his chin (in a distinguished pose). It came out very well. The detail on the hand is very nice and shows you the potential of machines like these.
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The Vertex VR talk in the Educators Program (very good talk by the way). One of the reasons not a lot of pictures today is that I actually went to classes and talks and such – and no one wants pictures of people in front of a podium. Some good stuff though, some very difficult stuff as well.
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Back on the floor I saw a nice VR helmet with chair demo, I like the good immersion technology, very dynamic even though it is only for one.
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Just when you though it was safe to go back to the Viewpoint booth. Same guy as yesterday but as Dr. Evil. He wasn’t half bad and they still had chocolate and little blue clocks – more on the clocks later.
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So yesterday I pointed out that there were no ‘booth babes’ but this woman here has a ribbon that says (in addition to the one that says “Pathfinders Chair”) Blonde Bimbo. So I guess I need to look more closely at everyone’s ribbons.
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The model used for life drawing in one booth. Half dressed but there for a purpose.
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Again half dressed but I was told that she isn’t a booth babe she is “eye candy” and then while talking the PR person about photographing their “eye candy” one of their sales people raided my bag of goodies and talked me into giving the PR person my blue clock since she was stuck in the booth. I of course acquiesced and the sales person ran to another booth and stole (I mean acquired) me a wall calendar. What an adventure.
So in conclusion there were no attractive women just walking around (not even attendees) for the sake of luring people in the booth. All of the women had jobs and were doing something to help out in addition to looking pretty. This is good for SIGGRAPH it means we are one step higher than a hardware show.
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After my classes and such, I went for my film shoot of the Alamo. Figured I would grab some digitals to show as well.
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967.JPG (34214 bytes)

Did a panorama (from further away) that I haven’t assembled yet, this is a fisheye of right in front of it.
971.JPG (15065 bytes)

It really is a lovely city, fresh air (hot and humid – but fresh) and look at these flowers.
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After the exhibition closed I went to the eyeon floor party (getting on the floor was an adventure unto itself).
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Then I went to the Hash party, great turnout.
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Ken Baer, drinking water – he promises.
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Doug and Victor Gavenda (an Editor from Peachpit Press) enjoying the Hash hospitality. He did remark earlier that he felt like he was trapped in an Abbot and Costello routine as we attempted to find the part without directions or a location.
986.JPG (24267 bytes)

Martin entertaining us as they setup the DVD player. He was an excellent host, made sure we had plenty to eat and drink and put on a nice show for us to watch. A real class act as always.
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That’s it. Tomorrow more classes and the emerging technologies. I have to remember to get one last massage before the masseuses leave and maybe hit the floor one more quick time for some goodies for the office and for some contact.






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