SIGGRAPH 2002 – Day 3

Picture Page 3

The flight from San Francisco was wonderful. From the plane I took many digital shots. These are a sample of the highlights. I took a lot more.
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Finally, here I am at SIGGRAPH. They are setting up the show floor. The booth heights looks lower but then again so does the ceiling.
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In the studio there was a very nice place to relax, I think it is also an installation.
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It is a beautiful convention center, both inside and out.
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747.JPG (27467 bytes)

The view from my hotel room. I might have to go to that Imax theatre.
748.JPG (25279 bytes)

The Crockett Hotel. I hear that you need to bring your own coonskin cap.
749.JPG (25492 bytes)

No joke, this was at the place I ate lunch, cause they charged money for the bacon bits.
751.JPG (17934 bytes)

They have a Ripley’s museum. In case my boss is reading this, I was on my way to the children’s museum to go to SIGGKids. Doug says the secret agenda of all SIGGRAPH placement is they have to have a Ripley’s museum in the city.

Oh and yes these are rodents having tea.

753.JPG (22318 bytes)

A wonderful tribal mask – and hook.
758.JPG (22141 bytes)

The Lord’s Prayer carved on a penny.
761.jpg (42793 bytes)

The pin and the painting on the head of it. This was very nice.
764.JPG (10219 bytes)
763.jpg (25461 bytes)

The floating balls are out of focus but the rest is in focus. I liked the effect.
766.JPG (16617 bytes)

Across from the Ripley’s museum is the Alamo. I will go back and get more pictures later in the week.
768.JPG (28112 bytes)

On the way to the Children’s Museum I passed this lovely old theatre – The Majestic (really).
770.JPG (27008 bytes)

Finally at SIGGKids. This was the only thing I photographed. It is the tangrams puzzle (which I love and have programmed many times). The computer is being fed the position and rotation of each of the blocks via a camera underneath reading dot codes through the translucent glass. It was a very nice idea and a good implementation. This version can give hints as you go.
769.JPG (14659 bytes)

The river, and the tour boat. I keep thinking about the funny tour boat at Disney land.
772.JPG (30756 bytes)

As I walked down the street of Laredo….
773.jpg (48437 bytes)

Funny sign on the window of a law office.
774.JPG (20078 bytes)

They REALLY don’t want you doing anything here.
775.JPG (19902 bytes)
776.JPG (17527 bytes)

Another sign, I found it amusing.
777.jpg (28502 bytes)

Doug Kelly and Martin Hash discuss the state of the industry as the Flash walks by behind them.
779.JPG (19874 bytes)

From the rapid prototype machines. I asked how they go this on the plane and of course he said via the checked luggage. He did say that someone almost grabbed this sample case to bring as a carry-on by mistake and was reminded about it at the last minute. Kinda funny, kinda scary,
780.JPG (19010 bytes)

Such a nice guy, Jonathon Gilbreath, cleans the chairs at the Newtek booth.
781.JPG (27348 bytes)

Jim Kilmer. Every year he gets more important at SIGGRAPH. Note the metal name badge – a true status symbol.
782.JPG (17372 bytes)

John K Myers of DragonLord Enterprises. He might be wearing a dragon but he also does kewl things will cell phones.
784.JPG (32859 bytes)

The SIGGRAPH papers party. Didn’t look like much… and then.
785.JPG (24837 bytes)

Video arcade, dance clubs, food. It was huge and what a party!
786.JPG (21707 bytes)
790.JPG (19813 bytes)
793.JPG (23646 bytes)
794.JPG (28068 bytes)

Free ice cream too!
788.JPG (15779 bytes)

Look at this place, it was very elegant. So many places all attached all with different themes.
795.JPG (28723 bytes)
800.JPG (29379 bytes)

Some really nice sliding game like shuffleboard, I don’t know what it is called though.
798.JPG (16050 bytes)

So they had these mist things spraying down from the roof. And what I wanna know is why they would spray a mist in the most humid city I have every been in?
802.JPG (23565 bytes)

Brandon J Bruce (see last year’s pages). He is back and better than ever!
803.JPG (24178 bytes)

Jim and Genevieve, the sweethearts of SIGGRAPH. Don’t the look happy? Well, at least don’t they look frozen?
804.JPG (21145 bytes)

The video arcade was very popular, I love the effect of the long exposure on the game screen.
806.JPG (18936 bytes)

The dance floors got packed. This SIGGRAPH crowd really knows how to party.
807.JPG (14469 bytes)

The crazy Texan knife thrower. I had to duck twice to get this picture.
809.JPG (18518 bytes)

Ian from ACCAD in Columbus. At the New Media Conference he put my notebook to sleep and I lost all my presentation time. Well it isn’t really his fault but I like to blame him. He is smiling cause he knows I am going to tell that story.
808.JPG (22353 bytes)

OK, I am all caught up and VERY tired. More SIGGRAPH stuff tomorrow.






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