SIGGRAPH 2002 – Day 2

Picture Page 2

Todd and Jessie put me up at the Hilton, it was very nice.
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Look at these floors.
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The reason Todd was wearing the hat. He tried to act tough but I know he is a pussycat.
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Todd and Jessie were gracious enough to drive me all over San Francisco to take pictures. These are just the highlights of my digitals, the film I won’t see for a week or so.
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San Quentin, no I don’t know anyone there. I think.
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The Golden Gate Bridge. It was amazing.
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Alcatraz Island. Taken from the bridge.
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I just love the fog at the top.
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This made me feel safe.
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Then the bridge patrol guy pulled up and people took pictures with him. He doesn’t have to walk back and forth the 1.7 miles.
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Look at the mist on the hill.
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Todd took this. I rarely do the tourist shots.
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A canon outside the Presidio.
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The infamous Lombard street. You can see the slope but it is much worse that my picture can show. Sorry.
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Furniture attached to the side of the building. A work of art in itself.
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Todd took me to the top of a hill that overlooked the entire city – by a transmitter. You could see everything.
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Sushi for dinner and the prices were dirt cheap. I mean $2-3 per roll.
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Aren’t they a cute couple.
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OK, now I’m off to San Antonio to actually attend SIGGRAPH.






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