SIGGRAPH 2002 – Day 1

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—OK, so I am on my way first to see my best friend in San Francisco. To me it is till part of the trip. Sunday, I head for San Antonio.

California from the Air.

g01.jpg (13761 bytes)

I wish we had mountains. These were wonderful to see. I woke up just in time to pull out the digital. I can’t wait to see how these will look printed.
g02.jpg (12700 bytes)
g03.jpg (12901 bytes)

That color red was so striking. I was later told that it was probably clay. Just an amazing contrast.
g04.jpg (10232 bytes)

I love to paint pictures of mountains and these shots – and others that I didn’t post – are very inspiring.
g05.jpg (14748 bytes)

The detail on the ground looks so much like a Julia set that I figured it would be appropriate that I should post them here.
g06.jpg (15444 bytes)
g07.jpg (16688 bytes)

The fog hanging over the city, it was fun to watch it roll out in the afternoon.
g08.jpg (11629 bytes)

A couple of times I really noticed how close other planes got to us. This is by the airport so I wasn’t too concerned.
g09.jpg (9072 bytes)

Here is Todd’s wife Jessie, picking me up at baggage claim.
g10.jpg (22240 bytes)

Neither one of these shots – taken with 2 different digitals – really show off the efffect of the neons in the room. I hope the film – 35mm and 3D – of this hallway comes out.
g11.jpg (17962 bytes)
g11a.jpg (26591 bytes)

Here I am in Northern California. It is so beuatiful.
g12.jpg (13406 bytes)
g13.jpg (20369 bytes)

A rare clean shot of a building. No wires – which seem to be everywhere. I took this from the car window when we were stopped at a light.
g14.jpg (28908 bytes)

At the University computer store – near where my friend Todd works. Looks like the new tablets that I hear are going to take over. It was nice to get close to one, though I didn’t get to play with it.
g16.jpg (17374 bytes)

I love mirrors, and this little triangle corner one was very nice.
g17.jpg (7390 bytes)

Todd – with hat. Later I found out about what is under that hat. I think you will get to see in tommorow’s pictures.
g18.jpg (20352 bytes)

At the hospital they had this thing roaming the corridors and I am told it is a self guided biohazard robot. I got out of it’s way and then it got out of mine, pretty near. Though I am sure a self guided candy/coffee machine would be much more useful – at least where I work.
g18a.jpg (12988 bytes)

Golden Gate Park – from the car – over Jessie’s shoulder and though the driver’s side window.
g20.jpg (33920 bytes)

The Bay Bridge. We drove over this a lot yesterday, tommorow we go to the Golden Gate.
g21.jpg (27351 bytes)

And yes, now I know the way to San Jose.
g22.jpg (16905 bytes)

We then when to some Goth nighclub and hung out with Todd’s friends – tommorow we head into the city so I can really get soem shots.






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