SIGGRAPH 2001 – Day 6

Picture Page 6

Here we are back at the show.

Looks like I missed this work of art my first time around.

Having done all there was to do at SIGGRAPH, we decided to hop a train to Disneyland. Only those interested in my vacation shots should scroll down…

Here we are boarding the Amtrak.

We met a very nice person on her way to Fullerton, we should have gotten off there since we ended up going back in a very expensive cab ride.

What’s Disneyland without a stuffed Pooh? Or a stuffed Pluto?

Here is Becky riding the Merry-Go-Round

It’s a Small World After All…..


Becky and Donald.

No Comment.

Signing an autograph.

Daisy being led off.

Goofy from behind. It’s hard to photograph celebrities.

Becky and Pluto.

Winnie from afar.

Me and The Pooh!

Me and Becky and Pooh!

Becky and Tigger and Eeyore.

Boom Boom, Ka Boom, Fireworks at Disneyland after 14 hours in the park!

That’s It, I’m Tired!!

See y’all next year!






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