SIGGRAPH 2001 – Day 5

Picture Page 5

Here we are back at the show.

Here we see the hands and voice of Gonzo graciously signing autographs on the lil Gonzo dolls they were giving out. I got to speak to him and he was very nice to me and it was a real honor to get to see him perform.

Doug ‘shmoozes’ and they hold up the sign for his book.

Very nice technology, fisheye projections (in mono and shutter glasses stereo). The new thing in personal immersive technology.

Big bank of SGIs. Becky likes these.

VR gaming action, fun to watch, I didn’t get to play.

Look at the detail on the horn. This is a 3d print. Amazing.

From the same printer a chicken from Chicken Run.

This is the printer in action. The red is a base that dissolves away. The green is the permanent material. I would love to play with one of these.

Another 3d capture of my face. Will play with the data later when I get home.

By request, more booth babes. Only because they were requested, really I don’t look 🙂

Here is the staff of DMG publishing.

Big party at Universal Studios, we only had one ticket but I found one in the badge recycling center.

We got to see Terminator 2: 3D, I had seen it before but it rocks everytime.

Here we have Stuart Guarnieri, someone whose name I don’t remember but should, someone whose name I don’t remember but shouldn’t and Brandon J. Bruce.

Here is Brandon with Alan Show the ‘Gentle Warrior’ who does Yoga Boxing. Very nice guy, very fun conversation.

Someone trying to demonstrate how to freeview stereo-prints. The tongue is optional.

Jim Kilmer and Genevieve. I knew I would bump into them eventually. The real issue is I can’t find Rachel Levine to take her picture. It isn’t SIGGRAPH without Rachel’s smile.

Views from the balcony at Universal Studios.

That’s It, I’m Tired!!






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