SIGGRAPH 2001 – Day 4

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Here we are back at the show.

Back at the Art Display we saw some great use of lenticular displays. The center of the display is 3d and floats.

This work is a 360 degree lenticular center lit display, very nice usage of the technology.

I love this table, if you tilt it in any direction the image flows in that direction, a nice way to handle a larger document or blueprint. Just a prototype of course.

Back at the show they had a prototype camera with multiple overlapping views. Can’t wait to see a real one in action.

This is real, the motor spins the CCD and the camera and computer capture a complete 360 degree panorama in 30sec-3min. They had great images but where a little pricey. Soon.

This 3d manipulation device gets nicer every year and cheaper too, I hope they catch on.

I was very impressed (at first) with the level of depth in this 3d display. It turns out not to use lenticular or glasses but two levels of LCD (the top one being clear). Clever rendering and layout can cause the illusion of continuous depth even though there are only 2 layers. Even nicer you just use a dual output display, lay it as a long image and the 2 halves get layered on each other.

3d gaming is fun and immersive but VERY expensive.

Bulky motion capture devices, looks so uncomfortable.

This is a photograph of the screen of a 3d version of my face taken by an amazing device….

The booth behind this man is the clone machine, you sit down center your head, press a button wait a few milliseconds and 3 min later you get a CD with your head data. Way kewl, very turnkey and in a mall near you possibly soon, only $15 for a scan of your head.

Her necklace is capacitors and LEDs, I made the mistake of saying “Nice Diodes”. She was very nice to me anyways 🙂

Another 3d lenticular monitor, I took some of these with my 3d camera, will see how they look when I have them printed.

The big thing this year is multiple screens. This set is modular and allows for any shape setup. Better yet the modular screens snap in without any wires. Still a lil pricey for LCD screens.

Under the “I would like one” category is the portable workstation. Big powerhouse processors and hard-drives, the keyboard and mouse fit behind the LCD screen and fit inside a rugadized case. You only need power (and a network connection if you need one).

A single monitor one. Very nice units.

Back again but now as a turnkey solution is the force feedback with stereo interface. Didn’t try it yet this year.

The lady from American Paper Optics wearing their “Elvis glasses”. We purchased our red/blue 3d glasses from them, I got my Chromadepth glasses from them too.

That gray haired gentleman is THE Dick Van Dyke. He is well known Lightwave user. I didn’t want to bother him at lunch so I took this pic from far away.

Another of the tri-screens that are very popular this year. They run like $15k.

The LCD panel and keyboard fold flat and slide into the top drawer of this server. Very nice space saver.

Its fuzzy because I am not wearing the 3d glasses, but the use of the mirror to unwrap the 3d image onto an almost cylinder is very novel.

Very high resolution head mounted display with tracking, I have no use for it though.

A 3800 pixel wide screen from IBM. Very nice. But they marketing guy said that it was “Twice Film Resolution” so I was expecting 8000 pixels. He also said that everything was real and shipping. Then we found out that this was a prototype. Doesn’t IBM have the commercials that have a lawyer who keeps going “We can’t say that.”? Hmmm I guess only on TV.

More booth babes. After I took this, she reached over and scanned my card without asking, I felt so violated. But she was cute so its ok.

Another 3d geometry capture device.

This one uses stereo lenses and the man recognized my ‘Realist 45’ camera.

At another booth, 4 3d geometry cameras in sync give a real time pixel cloud of data.

Ted Gordon at the Hash party.

Steph and Sandy at the Hash party. Posing in the dark.

Martin Hash demonstrates his namesake. Not really, though he did tell me a funny story about not ordering the ‘Jamaican’ tea when I visit Amsterdam.

That’s It, I’m Tired!!






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