SIGGRAPH 2001 – Day 3

Picture Page 3

Here we are back at the show, and today the floor opened.

Do you think this is supposed to be here?

Lenticular 3D monitors, they are kewl and they are real. But they are expensive.

Spinning 3d displays have moved from prototype to reality, still need some work but in a few years they will be a functional reality.

Nice company, good compression, nice 3d objects, I hope they can deliver.

Henson’s crew was there animating virtual puppets. It was a real WOW!

This is the voice (and hands) of Gonzo in action!

This lady scared the CRAP out of me when I was accidentally impolite. She was working a booth and say “Hi, how ya doing?” I said “So what do you have here?” and she snapped “FINE AND HOW ARE YOU.” Anyways after I apologized I took her picture and she wanted me in one too. I of course subscribed to the magazine (yeah right).

Robotics seems to be really something to try, the equipment is cheap and the programming easier.

Activeworlds being demo’s on a very nice display.

Booth babes, no joke they exist just to get your attention, and they do.

The 3d printers grow up, in color now and using plaster so they come out even harder.

The infamous Richard Edwards, got him in 97,98,99, and now 2001!

Thank goodness for the massage people! $1/minute but worth it!

The ducks of the Venice canals. They quacked, it was kewl.

Sunset on Venice beach.

Me on my roller shoes on the Venice beach bike path. Notice I am not moving which is why I am still standing!

We went to a BIG Newtek/Foundation/AMD/Dave School party and the Dave school had a big orange school bus.

And speaking of the Dave school, some Dave school instructors.

Amazingly enough the band at the party was the one and only DREAD ZEPPELIN. They only do Elvis or Led Zeppelin songs but in the other ones style. They rocked!!!

One of those big Batman type lights telling us where the party was!

That’s It, I’m Tired!!






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