SIGGRAPH 2001 – Day 1

Picture Page 1

Here we are in LA.

Becky was very happy to see LAX.

Dreaming of Beverly Hills but we went downtown anyways.

Bumped into Kim from Cleveland
(not on the plane but on the street).

The convention center is kewl looking as always.

The famous Kelly-Bea Cooper getting her media pass.

The slightly blurry Mike Comet.

Behind the scenes of “Shrek”

They play VR catch with these blue things….

They of course see the blue things.

I love these interactive art exhibits that I have no idea what they are!

This is really kewl, you lay in the guillotine, the rope winds up, the tension mounts and then the blade falls (there is no blade) and then the screams. Its really amazing how it makes you feel like something will happen even though nothing does, a real mindf*ck.

A haptic (force feedback) device that lets you feel between oil and water. Other intangible differences can also be felt. It was wild!

MIT VR wolf simulator, didn’t get to play with it I just looked at the puppies. I was lucky it froze so I was able to get this shot.

Using a zoetrope like shutter this is a cylindrical 3d display. Very nice, wish the picture was clearer.

I really found these prints just amazing to look at.

Some sort of VR wearable, looked pretty clunky, but boy lots of technology, maybe I will look at it better tomorrow.

I cheated and snuck in early to see the setup of the Hash booth, he gave me party tickets so here is the plug! 🙂

Done for the day I took Becky to Hollywood Blvd and Mann’s Chinese Theatre.

For Becky’s Mom, I guess she’s a fan.

My friend Bruce loves Herb Alpert.

The RCA dog had to be chained up so he wouldn’t run away.

They are so poor these days they have lowered the budget on the stars.

For Ed! When he was just a lil’ girl.

Right down the street from Doris.

And since I AM at an animation conference….

Binoculars with a camera built in with at the Ripley’s museum.






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