SIGGRAPH 1999 – Day 5

Picture Page 5

—Today was clean up day, go back and see bits again and fill in the blanks.

The Alice Project as I promised them better pictures, Doug virtually fences in it.

MIT Wearables are kewl, this is actually a jacket.

Globe projection, a nice way to immerse yourself.

ACM SIGGRAPH French Chapter’s Vice-President: Patrick Saint Jean.

The ILM Pepsi guy, I love this guy.

V-Desk 3 screen one big workspace, with a castle on it.

Doug and Jeremy Cantor.

Panoram’s big display, and close-up of 3 monitors.

Funny message on the board: To and Message.

My doggy from yesterday being printed, they still need to finish it and break off the supports.

Doug and I took a trip to Foundation for the magazine, so most of the shots I can not post here, but since they are responsible for the first few seasons of Babylon 5 I though I’d post a few fun shots:

Babylon 5 Poster.

Moog Organ, they had in their sound department.


Babylon 5 Poster.

Babylon 5 Emmys.

Babylon 5 Model.

That’s It, See you next year!!






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