SIGGRAPH 1999 – Day 4

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—Today was a crazy day. Tried to finish the exhibition floor and make all my appointments.

I did…as you can see.

CD-R with printer, this would be fun at the office.

Force feedback mouse, it was a joystick 2 years ago, feel just as good, works even better and they say it will start shipping soon (like they said 2 years ago) we shall see.

Rachel Levine again, with Dave Bailey.

Panoramic Camera Mount I love this stuff. Her they have a remote control 6 camera panoramic MOVIE camera motion and 360degree vision. They also sell software to put together CG Movie Panoramas. Way Kewl.

3D scanning of architecture, The Mensi guys we met at the Hash party and they are very nice and have kewl services and hardware.

Prototype force feedback with torque and his other device is just a sleek design.

This is how one camera records panoramic movies with a spherical mirror and a regular camera.

I love these cyber chairs but I never buy one.

Sony VR goggles here, here, and here. The ones here are only $1800-$4000.

They have one they told me for only $700.

Panasonic, Mini-DV Camera and edit, I not only want this but I probably need it for work.

SGI’s wide display, would be nice if you didn’t need a big computer to run it.

Cyberpucks on the side of this monitor for 2 hand controls, but they don’t have drivers for my software grrr.

White light 3D scans, this year it looks good and the price is reasonable. AND they are gonna send me my face.

Doug at Coriolis in front of his book.

Doug and Steve Roberts from Eyeon.

Project Alice in the Millenium Motel, I have to get better pics tomorrow.

Hard to describe. Optical camouflage, and when you looked through the box you saw through him.

MIT Labs, always have the best toys. A very mini display, embedded in glasses, another version outside clipped onto glasses.

So I was rushing all day so I could spend my hour on the forcefeedback clay modeling system. One hour late and I have my puppy. They will print it out and send it to me. It was a very different experience. I would need at least 3 more hours to determine if as an artist (not as a computer modeler) I would want one.

I went to the Studio to visit Omar from Mensi and they had some kewl stuff you could use if you brought your own data like a big printer.

Omar from France, he was kewl.

They also had a cyberscan.

You could print in wood or with those other 3D printers.

Another Wide screen I like these.

So I showed up late to the CG-Char meeting which I am told was PACKED (3 hours earlier) but I got some good pics anyways:

Rachel Levine, Etsu Kahara, and Richard Edwards ( I had been tracking down Richard to make sure he got on this years since he is on 97 and 98’s sites).

Richards Edwards and Patrick Lowery (Se my SIGGRAPH 97 pictures for this same shot).

Scooping Mike Comet, also Steve Segal.

Rachel Levine and Tom Grevera. (Rachel is such a ham only one pose but in a 100 shots)

Doug and Rick May (The founder of the list and our fearless leader).

Leftovers Group Shot , these guys just wouldn’t leave (some annotate it for me).

Weird promo found in my bag, it hold the gas pump open so you don’t have to.

What does this even remotely have to do with CG???

More tomorrow I’m already tired.






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