SIGGRAPH 1999 – Day 2

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—What a fun day… I spent most of the time in the Electronic Schoolhouse Application Lab.

Before I went there though I was at the Art Gallery: technOasis and some things really caught my eye.

If you have seen my home pages you will know I spend a lot of time on 3D artwork and Jean-Pierre Hebert uses this amazing technique of drawing in sand using a computer and a metal sphere.

Haruo Ishii’s Hyperscratch 9.0 is an interactive sight and sound experience that lets the user touch the air and these mystical chimes are controlled in 3D space. The picture may show the technology but can not touch on the mystical feelings from playing with it yourself.

I am not sure which of these two tables (seen here and here) these are but they are from Toshio Iwai’s Composition on the Table. Very unusual and slick design let you play with what he calls Mixed Reality giving a very intensive sight and sound experience.

An unexpected installation was Bookshelf Communication by Hiromo Michiyori. When you pull the book out the spine shows you the content of the video book.

The New Virtual Historic Museum of the City of Bologna, Italy. A very nice 4D VRML online historical representation of Bologna. You can walk around in space as well as time. See it here and here.

Interactive Archeological Dig very nice some good details, nice interface, and tons of content. Looks to me like good educational software. See it here and here.

Felix 3D Display. It hard to describe, hard to photograph, amazing to see and done just for the right reasons. Seen here and here is a display that plots points it front of you in 3D its a dome and its just REALLY there. Its very slick and the applications are endless, I would keep an eye on this technology. All made by high school students! Knut Langans is the man responsible and his idea is to give interested high school students the opportunity to use and reinforce their personal skills within state-of-the-art-multi-disciplinary team projects after school. Educational in practice and practical in outcome. You can’t beat this as a model for education to be adopted by others in the future.

I normally don’t look at other peoples mail on the message board but this obvious fake just caught my eye (and was already open enough to read). Take a look at the outside and inside.

Thinking of home.

Doug and Ted Gordon.

Ted who works for Inland not the bus though.

More tomorrow I’m already tired.






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