SIGGRAPH 1999 – Day 1

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Here I am waiting patiently in the airport for my 5 hour flight to L.A.

When we landed the Tarmac had a flat its a fun sight to see them jacking one of these babies up.

I am staying at the L.A. Athletic Club it is very nice, though the room is very small.

Since the first say is recovery and registration, I went to the Ripleys Believe or Not Museum. There are always wonderful problem solving puzzles, illusions and pieces of artwork there. I saw a wonderful tribal mask and this amazing piece of carved jade it was mind boggling the amount of detail to it.

Here is how you connect 16 dots with 6 lines in one continuos movement.

The question posted is how many squares make this circle, then the question is why did it fall off the wall and shatter 3 minutes later while I was looking at something else.

Here is the 2 car optical illusion and the Which circle is bigger? optical illusions.

If I finish my short film ‘It’s Good To Fit In’ this problem solving task will probably be the basis for the sequel.

Stopped by a hotel that had this 20cent a minute Internet machine, I just had to drop a dollar in it and try it out, it wasn’t bad, time just flies.

When signing up for my press pass we bumped into Jerry Pournelle.

He is seen here with Doug Kelly and here with Rob Gougher and I thank him once again for his gracious permission in allowing me to take the photos and reproduce them here.

Wandering through the halls I bumped into the ever so sweet newlyweds Kellie-Bea and Doug Cooper.

And the ever sweet Rachel Levine who appears to not have moved since I caught her in the same pose last SIGGRAPH.

They have this really neat wall with these Velcroed color squares and people move them around all week. It is being time lapsed and the final project will be played the last day of the show. I think it will be interesting.

On the way to the Shrine auditorium to see The History of Computer Graphics (which by the way was an outstanding film and very informative and entertaining), I saw this Jet on the front yard of a building which I guess turns out to be Hughes. Was a weird site off a city street though.

At the Shrine before the show they had this guy really kicking ass on this massive organ playing all themes from Star Wars. It Moved Me.

More tomorrow I’m already tired.






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