SIGGRAPH 1998 – Day 3

Picture Page 3

—Just when you thought you were done updating the site for the evening SGI & Microsoft have to throw the most amazing Open-GL party. Wow what a blast. First I must thank Shawn who got me the tickets and whose name I probably spelled wrong AND who I never saw at the party but was told was there. What a blast!

I took more pictures at the party than I did all day! The spread was amazing and it featured what we called the Devil Pig.

Now this party was full of freebies galore and one of the nicer features other than the dual book signing with complimentary books was the little red tickets that you could redeem for hand rolled cigars. This and this are the guy actually rolling them for you. I have as yet to smoke mine but I am told they are top-TOP quality.

I ran around with the camera and took some pictures of people I do not even know. Also met some people from SGI Lawra Duy and Cari Watson who insisted that I take a picture AND be in it with them.

I also met a really cute couple Robin and Stephanie Hayes. Robin was with Cosmo RIP and I hear is looking for work. Stephanie collected 5 Blue Intel bunnymen and well here she is showing them off.

It is nice to hang out with Doug because he knows all the kewl people and at this party we spent most of our time with the guys from Hash Animation.

Here is Doug with Marshall Hash.

Here is Doug with Martin Hash.

Here is Marshall and Martin Hash.

How come I am not in any of these pictures??

Anyways Martin had been drinking and Martin had a cigar and Martin had a Yo-Yo. Martin had fun. Not as much fun we think as Steve from Hash who had no cigar and had no Yo-Yo but appears to have had plenty to drink.

It is amazing who they invite to these things as my ex-student and full time trouble maker Jim (lets drive Jared crazy in class) Kilmer showed up.

This girl had the right idea, regretfully she didn’t know how to spell. OK OK So she has since corrected me and DOES know how to spell. Normally we would have forgiven her but she kept trying to get my Pink Intel Bunnyman so she could get the entire set. They are NOT, I repeat NOT Beanie Babies.

And so you know that I had a good time too. Though I do not drink alcohol I do like sugar and I had so many grenadine and cokes tonight that the bartender gave me the bottle of grenadine to finish off since I started it and was the only one drinking it. It tastes so much better straight.

I got sugar buzz and I gotta headache.
Night all, more pics tomorrow.






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