SIGGRAPH 1998 – Day 1

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—Here are the pictures with descriptions of the the wonderful things I saw.

Not one to miss a SIGGRAPH I met up with Doug Kelly (yes Doug Kelly THE Author) and we stopped for dinner at IHOP.

Doug is in very good spirits as his new book is out and he is having an signing later in the week.

Some of the contributors from the book were there to celebrate: Sandra Frame, Steph Greenberg, Ken Cope, and of course Doug.

The opening celebration include the breaking of a cask of sake which has been a tradition for I am told 11 years by a man whose birthday always (no matter what month) falls at SIGGRAPH.

The hands-on portions included the weirdest and wildest technologies you could imagine. Instead of being bounced around in a simulation yourself this exhibit has the monitor bounce around while you laid flat. I did not try it.

There was some virtual control of some dancing computer characters which I also did not try but I love the chroma-key green setup. I want one of these at home.

Touch technology is always very big and I expect to see more Haptic interfaces during the week. Instead of using a pen or a glove this touch interface allows you to pet this creature and feel it move with the palm of your hand.

Virtual Air-Hockey. Amazing! No puck, no air. Using simultaneous view virtual reality headsets the users could see both the table and their hand & the computer generated puck from their headsets.

This is what we saw.

This is what they saw.

I don’t have any picture but I did step on the virtual roaches using the touch feedback phantom slippers. Very weird.

With no control interface but your body this version of pong seemed quite a challenge to master.

Once again it is amazing what technology can do. Circled on this board is a chip LCD and lens display. This display which is available for development purposes is a 640x480x256 gray scale monitor no bigger than my thumb nail. It was clear and sharp and I want one. Even though they have actual images of the output on their website, I snapped a picture looking trough the viewfinder. Practical wearables are not far off!

I am off to the exhibits and some classes.






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