SIGGRAPH 2006 – Day 6

SIGGRAPH 2006 – Day 6

Day 6 – another long day – I’m speaking today so I figured I would try to pick up some of the slack in the meantime.

First we went back the e-tech and I saw this robotic hand.

And the this very nice very large autostereoscopic display. I liked it but I knew better than to ask for the price.

So. How many MIT guys does it take to get me an invitation to the Open House on Friday? Well one but it takes 3 days. Seriously these guys kicked but in getting me the Open House invitation and are all a bunch of hard working and really smart guys. Thanks.

So we went to the job fair. I’m not looking for a job but I have friends who are and I like the loot.

Amongst the varied companies was this game developer for cell phones.

weta had the longest line. I guess everyone wants to live in New Zealand.

This lady works for a slot machine company. They had great key chains and coasters. I want to design slot machines.

Theses guys sell a 3D force feedback mouse thing. I don’t know who they were rtying to hire.

The people from about where a hoot. She had all type of silly give away stuff and real reasons for it. Plus she really liked talking to us and gave us silly crap. They give away toothbrushes!

The guys who sell those golf video games for bars where there with a bar like setup but alas no keg.

ATI had even better stuff here than on the show floor. The bags were not paper and they even had this light up fan with a message that changed, Very high tech.

The Art Institute People were even nicer here than on the show floor. They were looking for online faculty and took my info – though I doubt they want me to teach for them.

With our swag and info in hand I went to attend some courses in the educators program and met up with Ed and Ed – you know what they say: Two Eds are better than one. Don’t groan THEY really say it.

Courses were fun and informative.

Look its my old friend and colleague Darrell Bailey from IUPUI . Great program and facility over there.

Now this is a bizarre story. This guy in the hallway starts talking to us (which is normal at this thing) but he hands me his info – some background some images and I realize that its Jeff Jacobson from who I do not know in person but whose work I have been following and who I have on a to do list that I need to call him when I get home and talk about stuff. And there he was. So we talked about sutff!

Mei-Fen Chen and her colleagues from Robert Morris College – they were very nice but would only be photographed as a group.

And here is Darrell and his wife Herminia Wei-Hsin Din (who I heard speak earlier).

The talk went great – people saw the images and my co-presenters were interesting. No photo of me talking cause it’s a dark room with these bright lights in fact I don’t know if there was anyone in the audience you couldn’t see. Jenny assures me that there was like 100 people there.

So we went back to the exhibition floor so I could show the IUPUI guys the multiple screen solution thing my Scalable Display Technologies and this guys was a fountain of local color and told us some funny stories – I’m kinda looking forward to after the show now and seeing some of the Boston he was telling us about.

Ok here is one for Kido who placed on comment asking for Disney information and pictures. I don’t have nay information but I took a bunch of pictures of the Disney booth for you:

This one is hard to see but they line for teapots circles around at the Pixar booth and instead of a crazy free for all they had the security guard (on the right) get people in line while a bouncer looking guy (on the left) watched the boxes from behind. It was super efficient!

New toy alert! Oh my goodness. It’s a 3D printer that makes sense and we can afford (about $15k). It uses sheets of plastic that it cuts and glues with a plotter like device. Very nice and a clever design.

The CIA ladies again looking great (as always).

Jenny and I with Shrek from the HP booth.

This really nice student volunteer who handed out the 3D glasses for my talk.

Look its Mike Hilliard from The Cleveland Museum of Art and also Treasurer of the local chapter.

So this guy (on the left) and I (on the right) keep passing each other. His cane and vest are lighter in color mine are darker but its like looking in a mirror. He stole my look! Actually he was nice enough to take this silly photo with me.

Albert William from IUPUI who does some amazing work over there and is just a nice guy too.

So the day was over and we were getting ready for find out parties. Ken swore he knew where he was going but he really looked lost to me.

First we went to the Chapters Reception.

Here is Deseree (I hope I spelled that right) who was on guard in the Pixar booth.

We took this bridge over to the World Trade Center and I saw Boston (and felt the heat)

The World Trade Center

The Contributors Reception started at 6:30 and the regular reception at 8.

They had all types of food and helpful people.

Even Chinese (my fav) and you didn’t take plates it was like oversized takout containers.

They were taste testing some new Sam Adams beer. I sampled myself a keychain.

The talented Julia Detar (note the Blue vest). I’ve seen her work at it is very good. She was being very official (note the headset).

This guys was running around in a Segway – it looked fun and he said he really liked it.

I got us invited to the Electronic Arts part so we headed over and it was right next to Fenway Park where the Cleveland Indians were playing (and lost).

The party was at Jillains.

And there was Brian on the way in. I like this folder cause it looks like he is carrying the big Yellow umbrella.

The place was huge!

Food and an open bar.

Free Bowling (with advanced technology that told you how to makes your spares).

Jenny and Aaron weren’t wearing socks but they gave them out.

Jenny gets a Spare.

Aaron gets a Strike.

Aaron won.

They also had pool but we didn’t play.

I had taken a picture of our hosts – they were so nice to invite us but it got corrupted (I think it was a conspiracy and that EA only employs vampires in PR – think about they always look good and you only see them at night)

I did however meet Rick Anderson who is working on a game of his own – he is also from Ohio.

Here is an EA PR person talking to Aaron – I guess she isn’t a vampire but she is pale (or the flash was too bright).

Look its Marco and Oliver. Marco says if I keep taking his picture that he won’t get invited to any more parties and then I reminded him that he isn’t invited to most of the parties he goes to (kidding).

We sat around for a while talking and kidding and someone asked how old he was and he said “I’m 30 but next year I will be 31” (he meant next week) but it was too late it was the funniest line of the evening.

He said if I posted this story he would get his revenge but I told him I could Photoshop and American beer into his hand and use it as blackmail. It’s the last story of the night I will post so that he can have his revenge in a comment if he likes.

I am all partied out! I present first thing in the am – 8. So one more day at the show and then some more goodies this weekend. Stay tuned.







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