SIGGRAPH 2006 – Day 1

SIGGRAPH 2006 – Day 1

Welcome to my SIGGRAPH 2006 website – yes I know it looks like a blog and in fact IS a blog but when I get home it won’t be.

Do NOT bookmark this page! It will be really bad to try and view this blog which might have 400+ photos by Friday. Start from the main SIGGRAPH pages and click on each day.

Jared’s SIGGRAPH Pages

I’m using this technology to try and speed up my workflow – let’ see if it makes thing easier.

For those that are reading this because of PlanetCase – here is how this works. Every year I go to the ACM SIGGRAPH Conference and post my photos nightly.

The archive of which is the above URL.

Anyways here is Jenny and me on the plane to Boston. Horrible flight – delayed on the ground – plane smelled like pee – and we sat in the last row. Notice the blue tape in the background on the bathroom door.

Also I packed everything but my media card reader!!! So there is now way to get the CF images onto the computer – except by turning the airport on and FTPing them from the CF slot in my hand held to the machine directly. That’s how dedicated I am to this. I might go buy a card reader.

But we made it!!

Hey it’s Fran!

We went to the SIGGRAPH Chapter’s Dinner and there he was – which wasn’t surprising!

The food was really good it was family style Italian I am stuffed. Unlike previous years I am being bad about names already so here are “those guys” with Fran and Sharon is in there too.

This is it for the first night – I have to go to the chapters workshop tomorrow so there should be more people pictures (less technology the first few days sorry!)

See ya then!