SIGGRAPH 2006 – Day 2

SIGGRAPH 2006 – Day 2

So here I go again – I figured out that I might as well just take 640×480 shots so I can transfer them easier and since I plan on never printing them. I will try and posting multiple pictures per entry to see how this goes.

Stared off first thing in the morning for the Chapters Workshop (good breakfast by the way).

Various members of the organization spoke to us.
First Fran

Then John Finnegan from Purdue who is chair of the entire conference.

Cleveland’s own Jim Kilmer (our Director at Large)

And the head of ACM SIGGRAPH (this is how I am told it is properly spelled).

I got my revenge on Jessica by taking her picture a lot (she is getting us our media passes) but to be honest she is very nice and I just seem to run into her often).

Lunch was good and it felt like a continuation of last night’s dinner.
The they all are again:

Here is Disney’s own Andy Milne – he is also secretary of the LA Chapter:

After lunch we were all told to make our way to the convention center. First I took Jenny to Tiffany’s.

This is before:

And this is after: Notice the bad, the box, and the smile!

We passed the library on the way to the train station.

And then the first of these decorative cows found all over the city. We do something similar in Cleveland with large guitars. The cows are strange. Some are funny.

We made it to the train station:

I had to break a $20 and the guy was pissed!

We got on the train to find everyone had arrived at the same time.

There was a bit of confusion as we had to transfer onto 2 other trains and even had to double back through a train door to get where we were going.

Poor Jessica (and others) had boxes and stuff to carry with them (nice hat).

We arrived at the convention center:

And the first person I meet is Genevieve (who I work with)!

And the “Cowlander”

The afternoon portion of the workshop was designed to get as familiar with the conference.

It looks like they are going to have a huge poster session this year:

I’m think the exhibition space looks smaller but I am told it is very diverse:

We stopped at the Chapters Booth (Jenny and I each have 2 hours there on Monday):

And before we went on the tour Jenny wanted me to photograph the man in the “Candy Corn” shirt:

Photographing Jim and Genevieve was my own idea (aren’t they a cute SIGGRAPH couple?):

We went off and saw as they were building the Guerilla Studio:

Sat through a mind-numging session on how to use Plone for your website:

And we got our free t-shirt. The swag begins!!!

And took a group photo – we were supposed to be wearing our new shirts but they figured if we had them we would leave before the shot:

So the fun started after the workshop was over and we started to bump into our friends. First we bumped into Scott and Brooke from the Detroit Chapter. We hung out with these guys last year and it says on last years site we went to the Builtmore he says it was the Westin.

Its Marco!! Where’s Oliver?

There he is! Trying to trade in his ET ticket for a different showing. It was like a comedy routine with people swapping for each other’s tickets in line because they didn’t want to wait.

There was some confusion with my badge (and Jenny’s) and the woman tried really hard to get them fixed.

I’ve never seen it this crowded for a Saturday registration:

The line out of the door was huge!

Luckily I was able to get my stuff:

Then bumped into Jim Demmers from Georgia Teach and headed off for dinner.

We went to dinner at SkipJack’s where I had some authentic Boston Clam Chowder:

Dinner was great it was Jenny, me, Mike, Monica, and Ken. Ken was at Apple and is now at Adobe and I found out he worked on QTVR while at Apple and it was great I have never had such a good time talking about something I love so much with someone who knows so much about it!

As we walked back to the hotel we bumped into Jessica and the crew at another restaurant (they were at the patio) – she hates getting her picture taken but I am documenting the trip so:

Well that’s Day 2! What a trip. Who knows what Sunday will bring?






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