SIGGRAPH 2005 – Day 7

Picture Page 7

—Here we go again!!
Thursday – The day I present!—
Larry and Me presenting Pocket Virtual Worlds at the Educator’s QuickTake at 8am.

Pictures courtesy of Genevieve.

And there were more than 30 people there!!

The Educator’s Incubator had a some physical stuff like this.

And a DDR Machine.

This was a nice way for kids to shoot and edit video ‘manually’.

Its rare to see something with so much Industrial Design applied to it.

Refreshing really.

Afterwards I had to rush to get to the Science Center to see the make of The Polar Express in IMAX 3D.

It was dumb luck to run into Mark Geldman from StereoGraphics (we just purchased one of their products) and he was very helpful.

Free Popcorn (and water)!!

What a class act.

As we await more busses to arrive – it filled up completely!

John Gilbert from Dolby Labs was sitting in front of me explaining to his neighbor all about Stereoscopy – he was very good 🙂 And also very friendly.

As many know my true passion is for photographing castles. And here we have Clayton Castle.

Thanks for letting me shoot you.

Dave and the Chair of the Educator’s Program.

The Usual Suspects – The Student Volunteers (well some of them).

Jonathan Wilkinson and Dave.

Jonathan’s Interactive Panoramic Video.

MK wouldn’t let me take her picture.

Some Communications Director.

Actually she was very nice and gave me a pin.

And this guys is freaking fantastic.

Her words not mine.

Back on the exhibition floor.

My friend from eyeon was wearing this badge.

I guess the people giving out badges don’t pay a lot of attention.

I’m told there were worse.

Still love the Z-Corp 3D printers.

They just get better every year.

Look at that – I mean wouldn’t you want one?

John Myers is now doing some self help stuff – let’s help him out by visiting

The SIGGRAPH 2005 hat! (And yeah that’s Dave)

On the exhibition floor the show ended with bagpipes and in the main hall with a violin.

Later we met up with the Detroit Chapter. These guys know how to party – I think the room was spinning. That’s Scott.

Oh – we were at the revolving restaurant at the Biltmore.

Still these guys rock (even though they are from Detroit).

Well with the show ‘officially’ over I am going to spend Friday in meetings and studio visits. If they prove visually interesting (and I am allowed to shoot I will post another page or 2) – otherwise see you in Boston!!






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