SIGGRAPH 2005 – Day 6

Picture Page 6

Here we go again!!

Jurgen from CIA and Len from CMA.

Trust me this is a bad photo they look much better in person.

A second look at E-tech this touch screen thing is amazing.

The guys from the Detroit Chapter – very nice they offered to help.

SWAG!! All 6 colors of bracelets.

So I finally got a pic or 2 of Fran – Director of Chapters.
I think they are whimsical.

The dome theater that I have as yet to go in.

We went to the job fair to see what they had – SWAG.
This guy from Lucas was nice.

I enjoyed talking to the IMAX guys.

Funnily enough, I didn’t know how much multimedia Cleveland’s own American Greetings does and they were very friendly and they had marshmallows.

This guy was very nice form Lucas but didn’t want his picture taken.
I took it anyway.

A tie!! A tie at SIGGRAPH.
He says he always wears one though and it wasn’t just for the interviews.

Look at all the resumes.

This guy tried to sell me a film recorder after I told him I didn’t need a film scanner (which it isn’t).

Valve – yeah Half Life.
We are working with their software and from the looks of it – they could care less.

The chicken man.
Note to Len’s friends – he wants a chicken hat.

Back at E-tech – you have to LOVE the music thing!!

Len tries the haptic straw – it was very nice – very fun and very silly.

Len likes the 3D cell phones.

We had our big dinner tonight to plan taking over the world.
I missed the receptions but it was very worthwhile to have all the Indiana guys and Ohio guys at the same table.

Then onto the Hash party (we were late).
Look its Steph and Sandy!

And the hawk is up!

So the demo guy from Hash is also a magician and it was amazing.
His fingers never left his hand!

This guy has a stereo-realist!
3D rules.

Rodney! The Air Force MP.

Martin shows off his new Bong – I mean personal air scent thingy they sell at the show.

Its Fast Demo Time! He really is the best demo guy on the floor.

Some more buddies from the Hash party.
Thanks guys it was a great party as always.
Buy Animation Master!!

Well I present in the morning – so I am off to bed!