SIGGRAPH 2005 – Day 4

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—Well this is going to be a summary of a pretty long day.
Monday at SIGGRAPH

So this guy grew up in Strongsville – and yes I forgot his name – you know 16 hours ago I was sure I would remember it.

Its Shylo Smith and Sean Novak.

I have a real special shout out to Shylo later on he was ultimately kewl today!

I then got to meet Julian T. Peebles, President of the Ruth Lily Health Education Center in Indianapolis Indiana – I am looking forward to getting to know him better.

And here is Mike Hilliard the past-chair and current treasurer of the NEOhio Chapter of SIGGRAPH – he also works at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

He served Chapter’s Booth duty with us.

Colleen Mae Case is the ACM SIGGRAPH Director for Education and she is going to get me involved with the Education Committee.

So there are 6 different colored wristband and we got 2 complete sets.

So my apologies to Doug Cooper (if you are reading this I am sorry).

I was so excited in seeing him again and when I saw he animated for Dreamworks I went into NEOhio Chapter Chair mode and asked him to come to Cleveland – I was less than subtle – and what I meant to say was – great to see you Doug and if you ever want to visit – we’d love to have you.

Also Hi to the Mrs.

Its Adam Hill and Adam Hill (well Brandon Bruce pretending he is Adam Hill)

So this is the insane line to see George Lucas in person.

So it was crazy – it took hours to get to see him – first you lined up to get a ticket and then you lined up outside (where you had to stay) to wait to get into the theater.

The accommodations for those that needed assistance were less than the courtesy that one would expect – and I am very disappointed with the conference management.

Shylo was kind enough to not just hold my place in line but actually get me some seats (while he went to get everyone water). Kudos to Shylo for being helpful and not making me feel like my bad back was a disability.

Leonard Daly is President of Daly Realism.

So the sign said no photography so:

Here is my photos of George Lucas in the Q&A.

Its funny – most people I talked to didn’t think it was interesting or groundbreaking but what did they expect? I think it was great to see him – and though he didn’t talk about the stereoscopic re-release of Star Wars he did say something I liked a lot. From cave painting to computers:

“Art is Technology.”

Plus they probably had a record number of people attend the awards.

Jim Blinn was gracious enough to pose for the site again. Thank You!

We then went to the Guerilla Studio – they had this nice rear projected active display for modeling. I liked it.

I bumped into Chris Tome.

And saw the Laser etching machine. This could be fun.

Modeling with a haptic arm.

Drawing on the Wacom Tablet/Screen. I would like this but I don’t think I’m gonna get it.

And what would the studio be without the big printers.

Jenny saw this on the message board. I’ve seen funnier.

She then stopped and got the last lobster at the SIGGRAPH 2006 booth.

And this is them – thanks for the Lobster!!

William Joel from Western Connecticut State University – was playing the flute in the Educator’s booth and then we had a long long long talk (sorry Jenny). Very nice guy!

Back at E-Tech I saw the Virtual Hang-gliding thing- which I want to try.

And yes those are fans to simulate the wind.

The circular video display. I could only get it with a flash so you can’t see the display.

OK finally something that I really want.

This music device is the perfect combination of form and function and I would have put down $$$ if he was selling one.

It was like magic. Multi layer polyphonic sound and I wish everyone could try it.

In the art gallery they had this little display with audio that was running a rube-goldberg type machine on the screen. I would hang this in my house.

So before the Electronic Theater (where Shylo held seats for us AGAIN – you ROCK Shylo!!!) they had this guy doing this live animation performance thing with the joystick and screen and on the big screen was this like virtual world – it was WOW WOW.

The Electronic Theater was good – a mix really. I liked the ILM stuff it was neat to see how he put Christopher Lee’s head on the stunt double’s body. I was thinking its amazing he is going to be able to make movies without actors (like he made the last one without a script – OK OK that was low – but the dialogue in SWIII was a lil weak).

Then off to the Chapters Party at the Mayan. I’m trying to remember which other party I was here.

So this is Adam from Princeton that Dave wanted me to meet. So what he is saying is “I gotta get off the phone – someone is trying to take my picture.”

Then when I did – he was like DAMN – so I took another of him and Dave.

Marco and Oliver – Now its a party!

Etta and Jessica showing off their backs.

And its a party – people drinking, dancing, computer graphics, and smoke machines!!

Woo hoo!!

And last is David McClain – why cause afterwards I got really tired.

So that’s that from 8am till 11pm.
Tomorrow the floor opens and the adventure continues..