SIGGRAPH 2005 – Day 3

Picture Page 3

—Well this is going to be a summary of a pretty long day.
Sunday at SIGGRAPH

Here we are at 8am getting ready to meet at the Chapter’s Booth.

She didn’t want her picture taken but after all she gave me the press pass and I have an obligation as a journalist (to embarrass people who don’t want photographed).

A full scale model of the Mars Rovers.

What I like best are the twin camera for those wonderful stereoscopic views of Mars.

Now if only they would shoot something other than rocks.

They promised me little green men – where are the little green men?

Hey! Its Godhuli from Case Western Reserve University – we actually took Architecture together.

And yes your eyes AND mouth are open – and you still look lovely.

I also met Diego and Michael from Princeton.

They should have been wearing ribbons cause they are presenters but they didn’t know where to get them (yet).

My philosophy is that if you have blue spiked hair you are just asking for your picture to be taken.

Not only that but its Grue the Panels Chair from 2006.

A student volunteer from the Cleveland Institute of Art – whose name I can’t remember – sorry.

And he posed so good too.

I also met up with Dave Fleischer the Animation Professor from the Cleveland Institute of Art – we went had lunch and went through E-tech and tagged teamed through some courses.

Later we went to dinner together (you come all this way and eat with someone you know – funny huh?)

And here comes Ken and the guys from Hash Inc.

They are always a lot of fun and of course sell an amazing product – Animation Master rocks!

We did a preliminary walk through of the Art Gallery and Emerging Technologies.

Here Jenny is looking at some weird art thingy.

I really enjoyed the array of LEDs that make this animated wall hanging.

The marble draws in the sand.

I saw this in the art gallery years ago and it is still enthralling.

As a stereo enthusiast it was nice to see the handheld mirror beam splitter being used.

I actually need to build one of these pretty soon.

Very very clever – not only are the 2 cell phones used as a stereopticon but also they are camera phones so they are used as a stereo camera.

Saved views are then viewed on the LCD panel below.

Jenny got very excited when the screen said ‘Please Touch Me’ – she was drawing all over it.

I don’t know where the line between Emerging Technology and the Art Gallery is but this thing looks pretty close.

So if you build a machine to water your plants – make sure you get a 1 year warranty from Home Depot on em.

He’s killed 8 so far.

Darrell Bailey from IUPUI and Herminia Din – its always good to see them again.

Darrell conducted out mulitpoint stereoscopic live Internet2 music broadcast.

“Its fun to use learning for evil!”

A walking advertisement for the cyber fashion show.

A neat game with little robots being tracked and shooting at each other.

It went offline a few times but I want a closer look tomorrow.

Martin Dresser had some funny comments on the practical sides of circular video.

Who wants to see the back of anyone’s head?

OK – here comes my rant.

I love stereoscopic video – and they were showing some AMAZING 3D video using a new type of projection technology and a new type of glasses – that could have used some better explanation.

SO I asked the guy what the resolution of the projection is and he tells me its about 2k and then he adds – for each eye – which he says adds up to 4k. Which is bullsh-t! It doesn’t work that way. I mean yes 3D has more information but you don’t add the pixels together.

He further attempted to dazzle me with other bits of information – such as the refresh rate of EACH eye – and again tried to add them together.

Now I am a stereoscopic enthusiast and a stereoscopic professional and I don’t need some sales guy telling me that 3D movies are the wave of the future – we are currently into the 5th or 6th generation of stereoscopy (since the mid 1800s) and as much as I love it – it is still not the inevitability that people want it to be.

Long story short – this guy pissed me off – mostly because if you are sitting on hot technology you should be able to talk about it intelligently instead of strutting around with misinformation and generalisms.

The Ladybug. I love this camera it does live spherical video – I could use one – I will check it out again on the show floor.

This is new! A cash bar in the middle of E-Tech!

First she hid. Then when I said she could use her arms (as in to hide) she actually did this instead.

Then we bumped into George Maestri – who seems in the middle of everything as ever!

So on the screen you could see these characters moving around the items on the table and the items would move.

And if you moved the items on the table the characters moves as well.

Pretty neat – pretty weird – where are my keys?

So this guy was kicking people out for taking pictures (but I have a red card).

Very funny guy.

As I told the lady at lunch when she asked for my ID with my credit card.

1) Always steal the ID when you steal the credit card.

2) Always rob someone who looks like you

Dave and the award winning Ben Kinsley from the Cleveland Institute of Art.

No jokes about Gandhi though – his name is Kinsley not Kinglsey.

I am going to go back later and get more Art and E-Tech pictures but this was pretty neat with the motors spinning threaded bars to move the plungers to inflate and deflate remote balloons.

This wasn’t the point of the piece but it was the part of it I really liked.

On the way to get some ice-cream (after dinner with Dave) I saw this building with some pretty interesting windows.

OK – so its was another long day and we have to be back at the convention center at 8am (we have 2 hours on Chapter’s Booth duty). Tomorrow we also have the Electronic Theater and the best – we get to hear George Lucas live and in person – I wonder what he will talk about?