SIGGRAPH 2005 – Day 2

Picture Page 2

So I found a way to get online tonight so I am posting again – so here is the rest of Saturday!

Here I am with Salaam (whose name I almost spelled wrong – but i figured he is like a foot taller than me and could kick my butt so I looked at his business card)

You can’t tell but his cane is plexi and glass and really kewl looking – I am very jealous – mine is just metal.

The X Games are going to be played next door.

For those who wonder how I hurt my back – it was competing in the X games competition.

And if you believe that…

Hey – its Ed Huff (who I know from the New Media Consortium) we are going to try and get a little NMC group together.

He looks scared.

Its Marco! There must be a party around here somewhere (see previous years).

So – they needed to give all the chapters people a tour and I said ‘Hey – Jim Kilmer is with Pathfinders” so they had him give us a walking backwards tour of the whole center.

It was very nice he almost walked backwards into a sign.

And yes – that’s Jenny’s butt.

Marco & Oliver – now I know trouble can’t be far behind.

Lucas thinks because his is ‘keynoting’ that he can just park his X-wing anywhere. Well I’m telling you – I put a ticket on the windshield.

Plus one of his tail-lights was blown.

If this isn’t resolved soon I think I’m going to have it impounded.

(Yoda’s Towing Service doesn’t need the keys – or use a truck)

Later we met Denise Minter (see I can spell your name right) from Dreamworks Animations.

Its very impressive how much Dreamworks is contributing and presenting this year to the conference – it really goes to show how a company can be part of the corporate and educational community at the same time.

Then we saw her later at dinner and she had this HUGE plate of food and I mean anyone who can pack away food like that is good in my book (I am totally kidding!!!)

I did have chinese though and the fortune cookie was chocolate covered.

It read ‘Throw up now – the chow-mien was poisoned’.

I’m not worried cause Jenny had the chow-mien.

We had dinner with Sharon Eisenberg who is the Chair of the LA SIGGRAPH Chapter which has like 800 members which is completely amazing cause we have like 4.

It took me a long time to get this picture of her and she finally agreed (for someone so shy – she certainly hammed it up when the time came).

OK – so its was a long day and we have to be back at the convention center at 8am so I’m posting now and then going to bed – see you tomorrow!!!