SIGGRAPH 2003 – Day 5

Picture Page 5

Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s update. Sorry for the delay in posting again. I needed to sleep in.

I always have wanted to meet Jim Blinn and he was nice enough to let me take him picture.

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is. The globe company and I discussed if you could put spherical panoramas on their system.

He asked me to bring in some images and amazingly enough they looked good.

This unit keeps getting smaller and better at digitizing faces or whatever you want in just a fraction of a second.

A lenticular display on a notebook. In my opinion it was less than stellar.

Kind of like a rackmount, kind of like a workstation. Very funky.

They had this chair there. They said they got it at an office supply store. It really matched their stuff though.

A much nicer lenticular monitor. But for $11,000 I think I could do something myself.

Haptic arm. Very nice. Very powerful and very solid. There were the Dutch folks I met the night before

Stereo Projectors.

More stereo projectors.

Not a lot of booth babes. But they still do things like this. Oy.

I met up with Steve Dipaula. I have been wanting to meet him for years. He is doing amazing thing with faces, animation, and students and it looks like the start of some fun collaborations. He gave us some great demos. John from the Nursing school and I ended up meeting on the floor and doing the rest of the booths together with a critical eye.

Digital puppetry rig as seen last year or 2 years ago, no Gonzo on it though.

Interesting this is a polarized sheet that is polarized every other line and allows for passive stereo display. Very interesting idea.

Best stereo box I saw there. Packs up nicely, very flexible.

The very NICE lady from Pixar who gave me 2 wind up toys if I agreed to delete the other 2 picture of her. Done.

Finally. By popular request. Me.

I love this guy’s beard. He always looks like he is moving. He was also very nice.

It was blind your coworkers with an orange shirt day so Gary was doing just fine.

I asked these 2 how well they knew each other when I went to get their picture and they started to jump each other. This is the humorous aftermath.

Me and Me.

My artwork all packed up to be shipped home.

Wow, what a great and tiring time. So much got done. I will be in several meetings tomorrow and maybe go to the computer museum (or Sea World) so unless something amazing happens in the next day this is the last update. See you next year in LA (or maybe Saturday night).