SIGGRAPH 2003 – Day 4

Picture Page 4

Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s update. Sorry for the delay in posting , I had a hell of a day today.

Today was the start of the educator’s program.

Remember my slide that said hero or goat? The guy who said my files would transfer to speak.

Goat. They lost the resource fork to my CD so that I wasn’t able to demo it. I did do my powerpoint though.

It went fine and I am not mad at the educator’s program folks at all. But the support guy asked me if I had my files with me. The whole point of speaker prep was to have everything tested and ready beforehand. He even told me that they had that problem yesterday with a flash file. So if they knew this would be a problem why didn’t they do anything about it? There is no excuse for that.

Again, my talk went fine. The educator’s forum stuff was fine, but shame on the speaker prep server people for missing the point and not understanding how to to their job.

Advertising for the cyber-fashion show.

I finally meet the VR person I have been chatting with online. She knows all about the cool things that I want to be doing with projectors and immersion and networks and such.

I also finally meet Bruce Damer. Who not only is a great guy but brought me his book. We ended up talking for hours and I am sure people thought we were an exhibit in emerging technologies.

Free ices espresso shots on the show floor.

Charles Edgin the publisher of Keyframe and Highend magazines. Always good to see him.

Finally, something interesting on the show floor (not the model). This is a floating glass like screen that is rear projected on. Very nice effect.

Big 1 wall 3D display with headtracking. Very nice, runs off a regular PC.

Sorry its blurry. But this guy’s T-shirt has the video game tempest on it. It still is one of my favorite games of all time.

The owner of American Paper Optics demonstrating something. Actually he makes some amazing optics.


Flying helium disks.

A VR world thingy that I want to try.

So after going back and forth I finally decided to go to the Electronic Theater. It was good. The big breakout point was a work I think called ‘After You’ and the Scrat short from Ice Age. The final work was intense and very very moving.

The big reception afterwards was packed.

And they had food. Well some food. I got there late so I went to dinner after.

Last year this guy was wearing a dragon like a parrot.

That’s Genevieve with 2 beers.

The president of SIGGRAPH.

This guy keeps following me around with a camera. It turns out someone told him I might steal something. Actually tomorrow he is going to interview me by my artwork.

More friendly face. Well semi friendly.

Funny story. This guy is an aerospace engineer. He is a bonafide ‘rocket scientist’ who also liked to do CG. We talked for hours he is a great guy and ended up going to dinner.

On the way out of dinner we bumped into the woman from the cyber fashion show. I missed it again. Look at the robotic glove she is wearing.

And just as I was about to catch a cab I bumped into a group who dragged me to a Irish pub to debate the finer points of animation and education. And whether League of Extraordinary Gentleman was worse than Final Fantasy.

Finally, as I get back to the hotel I start talking to one more person who is down checking his e-mail. You just can’t escape.

Talk about tired that was another long day. More tomorrow.