SIGGRAPH 2003 – Day 2

Picture Page 2

Hi all, sorry for the delays in posting yesterday, lots of technical difficulties. I hope there is no delays today. Good stuff not as many pictures as yesterday though.

The press folks from New Zealand were very helpful to me this morning and let me test the site out on their notebook.

A fellow artist showing his wares. Very nice works and he is spending time talking to people about them too.

A Mascot for something. I bet that marketing person isn’t happy I can’t remember what he is for.

The lego art booth is getting fun. This example has red, blue, yellow, and black. I really need to see more of this.

They have these stands were I can beam the show info to my handheld. I didn’t get it to work though.

People waiting in line to use the computers. They even have a company renting them if you need one.

The infamous message board where as yet no one has sent me a message,

Look its Ken Baer from Hash Animation. Boy does he have some deals for me. Seriously they have an educators program that is really worth looking into.

We bumped into his computer graphics prof from Oberlin in Ohio.

So Ken snuck me on the floor so I could talk to Martin about life and also about the wonderful word of Animation Master.

Stands for itself.

Jim Kilmer and friend. Jim is really working like a dog this yet.

Highlight of my day. The press gets free pop in the media lounge. They normally charge $2.50 a can. The brownies were good too,

A cute duck family. We met them on the way to the Discreet press event.

How can you be Discreeet and still advertise with the bid signs?

Anyways the talk was good, beta 6 is about to be released.

They also have a new logo.

A very nice lady from the Art Institute.

Another nice lady from 2 English CG publications.

The chapters part was after at the club called “On Broadway” It was enormous. Like 5 clubs in one club. Very fun.

The pool room, and the bubble room, and the bank vault.

The band didn’t have a name, I dubbed them the first timers since this was their first time together.

The theme rooms were amazing. Look at the details on the floor.

Arrays of tables.

The dance floor. It is early yet.

More private areas in the book.

I met this guy from the Kennedy Space Center. He had a ton of pins on. I missed getting many over the years.

I met some people from The Netherlands. Got to reminisce a bit. They sell Haptic devices I need to check out tomorrow.

Some German friends of mine I met last year.

Just look at those teeth. They are custom fit. Very scary.

This is the same woman with the tennis balls on ropes from yesterday.

The sever bought me a Sprite cause the bartender was being sarcastic to me.

He was blinking on purpose during the picture so his eyes would be clear. Doesn’t he look like Bono from U2?

I don’t know who these people are. One of them is from Cleveland but not anymore.

Last year he was looking for work, this year he is employed at Sony and even has his name in the credits of the Matrix. Way to go!

The dance floor was hopping!

No joke, this, guys name is Tony Montana. And no he didn’t show me his little friend.

Genevieve and Jim. Swaying to the music (but not when I took the picture).

Who is this man? Why does he have a halo?

And finally I bumped into Brandon Bruce. He is doing well but we have more to catch up on.

Talk about tired that was another long day. Again sorry for the delay. More tomorrow.